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A home that is outfitted with a generator is one that can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer in case the power goes out. At Capricorn Electric, we carry a range of residential generators that can keep your home running when everyone else is left in the dark.


We carry the most reliable brands – from Generac, GE, Kohler, Cummins, and Winco – and our employees are some of the best in the field, so you can rest easy knowing your system will work for the long term.

At Capricorn Electric we offer two main types of generators:

Portable generators. Portable generators are great because of their accessibility, both in use and in price. They run on propane, diesel, or gasoline, and in the event of an emergency will be enough to run a few basic things inside your home (such as your refrigerator or a couple of lights) during a power outage. They’re not as powerful as their standby equivalent but, as their name suggests, they’re portable and good in a pinch.


Standby generators. Standby generators are more heavy-duty than portable ones. They don’t require on-site fuel and can handle more power than the portable generator. They will automatically detect when a power outage has occurred and will switch on without you having to do a thing. They’re powered via a connection to a propane tank or natural gas line and operate more quietly than their portable counterparts. The downside is that they cost a lot more to install and maintain, so when deciding to install a generator you have to decide how often you expect it to be used and make the choice accordingly.


Here’s how generator installation works:

  1. Capricorn Electric will install your transfer switch first.
  2. The team will move your generator in place.
  3. Electric lines will then be connected from your transfer switch to your generator.
  4. Once electricity is hooked up, your pipefitter will make the proper connections from the fuel source to the generator.
  5. After electricity and fuel are hooked up, your generator is ready to start and protect your home.


Why should I get a generator for my home?

All types of generators, whether they are whole house generators or smaller portable generators, can provide great benefits for your home. Severe weather conditions can cause blackouts, leaving tour homes without power. Installing a generator can help eliminate any complications when there is a blackout.

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Frequent Questions

What do emergency electricians do?

An emergency electrician is an electrician who will come out at short notice with no prior appointment to fix an electrical problem that has just occurred.

What do electrical repairs do?

Electrical repairs involve a wide variety of services, ranging from major installation, or rewiring your home, to changing out a broken light switch or receptacle. It is often a difficult task to diagnose a particular electrical issue at home without the help of a trained professional.

What is the first thing to do in an electrical emergency?

Unplug the appliance and turn the power off at the premise’s main power switchboard to avoid any further damage. If there’s a burning smell, smoke, or fire, call 9-1-1 or your local emergency services.

Can a handyman do electrical work?

Remember handymen who aren’t qualified electricians can do basic electrical work but can’t do work that requires certification. It’s highly recommended that if you require certificated work to be carried out that you hire a qualified electrician.