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Electrician in Berks county, Pennsylvania

Capricorn Electric comes with a perfect record of satisfaction when it comes to our residential and commercial services in Berks county. Our employees have the expertise to get the job done. We have years of experience in the Berks county area and can complete whatever task you ask, big or small 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Benefits of Working with Capricorn Electric in Berks county, PA

When working with us we will sit down with you and discuss what is best for you and your electric needs. We take pride in working hard not only to ensure affordability but quality and complete customer satisfaction with all of our electric services. Whether you are in need of a new home wired, a service upgrade, or maintenance, our highly trained and experienced electricians will provide skilled and high-quality service you can count on in Berks county, Pennsylvania and the surrounding area.


Electrical Services Berks County, Pennsylvania

Residential Electrical Services

Emergency Repairs

We know that when it’s an emergency, you can not wait another day or until the morning, which is exactly why our electricians are available in Berks county, PA 24/7. In these modern times, everyone needs electricity to get by, thus not having access to it may lead to significant disruptions to your residence or business. Together with our around-the-clock service, company owners are able to minimize time lost due to outages, and homeowners only experience a slight disturbance in their own routines.

Circuit Breakers

We offer a wide range of services for all different makes and models of circuit breakers in Berks county, PA, including fixing your simplest and most complex issues. When you have a circuit breaker problem, we want to be the team you know you can turn to, and we back up all our work with a complete satisfaction guarantee.

Electrical Panels

We’ll replace old panels and circuit breakers to increase the safety and functionality of your home in Berks county, PA.

Ceiling Fans

We’ve helped a lot of people in Berks county, Pennsylvania saves power and increase the comfort of their homes using a professional and friendly ceiling fan setup. Our licensed electricians and several years of experience make us equipped to safely handle whatever comes up, such as hard-to-reach places, complicated electrical systems, plus even more. Take the stress from fan installation and let the experts at Capricorn Electric take action for you.

Electrical Switches & Outlets

If your outlets are old and can no longer hold a plug, getting them replaced is not only a matter of convenience but of safety. We provide a range of outlet and switch choices for a variety of property types. Whatever you’re looking for, we promise we’ve got an attractive, modern, and versatile option for you.

Outdoor Lighting

Capricorn Electric offers a range of different styles of landscape lighting in Berks county, PA, from solar-powered modern pieces to elegant pieces. Whether you are looking to incorporate security lights into your landscape lighting, want to highlight various features of your property, or simply want to brighten the space for evenings on the patio, our landscape lighting services will do the trick.

EV Charger Installation

If you’ve purchased an electric car, or are planning on doing so, having an at-home station is much more convenient than having to constantly locate one. With the help of Capricorn Electric in Berks County, Pennsylvania, you can now have an electric vehicle charger for your home!

Electrical Repair

It’s tempting to throw away old electrical items, but in some cases, repairing them is much more cost-efficient. We’ll give you an estimate so that you can make thoughtful decisions according to your budget. We’ll fix any part of your system and make sure that any hazards are attended to in Berks county, PA.

Wiring Service

Any time you are dealing with electricity, you need a certified expert. Anything less simply isn’t safe. We’ll come to your house or business in Berks County, PA, and handle all your electrical wiring needs, so you have guaranteed peace of mind.


Automatically responding to an interruption in power, the generator is up and running within seconds and handles your specific requirements for as long as necessary. There’s no need to be on the premises, no need for refueling, and you can choose to power prioritized appliances or your entire home or facility. Capricorn Electric is here to help you determine the right solution for your home or business, complete accurate installation, and protect your daily life from interruption.

Whole-Home Surge Protectors

Surge protection might not be the first thing that springs to mind if you think of electrical work, but it’s essential to the proper operation of your residence or company’s electrical system. Capricorn Electric skilled technicians ‘ are experienced in how to both assess a house or workplace surge protection status and take the essential steps to fix things in the event the construction is unprotected.

Indoor Lighting

Proper lighting installation in Berks county, Pennsylvania saves you money and improves how your home or business looks and feels. We provide a variety of high-quality options, and can also install lighting fixtures that you purchased independently. We can install many lighting setups, including LED options.

Smoke Detectors

Capricorn Electrics can install and maintain all types of fire and smoke detection systems using the very latest technology. The fire and smoke systems that we install are designed and maintained by experts to protect your home, business, property, and staff. We install and maintain fire and smoke detection systems throughout Berks County, PA, and surrounding areas.

Commercial Electrical Services

Commercial Electrical Services

Our mission is to produce a commercial electrical system that ensures safety and provides energy efficiency while equipping work spaces for maximum productivity and expansion potential. We’ve got the expertise you can trust, and we always remain current with business and technological progress to continually provide our customers in Berks county, PA with the best products and service available.

We offer our exceptional electrical services in the following cities and their respective zip codes:

About Us

Service Isn’t Just About the Job


There’s more to service than just getting the job done. From the moment you call Capricorn Electric, to schedule a service, you’re greeted by people who want to help you. We’re experts when it comes to customer service and have been helping clients with unmatched service since 2015.

We’re unmatched because we listen. Your satisfaction is the measurement of our success. That’s why we ask for feedback after service and welcome questions or concerns. If you call us with an issue, we’ll do our best to help you find a solution quickly.

Each job we perform is extremely important for us. We ensure that we get the best result, whether we perform repairs, installations, or replacements, so that our customers can write positively about us online and provide us with great references. Thus, we maintain our reputation, with a 4.9/5 rating on Google.

We’re ready to show you the difference between Capricorn’s quality, and what you’d find elsewhere.


Frequent Questions

Do you provide residential electrical repair services in Berks County?

Capricorn Electric is always ready to provide electrical services, residential or commercial, to our customers in Berks County, Pennsylvania.

What payment types do you accept?

We accept all major Credit Cards and certified checks.

Do you provide commercial electrical repair services in Berks County?

Since 2015 Capricorn Electric has been providing electrical services for many businesses in Berks County. From locally owned shops to national chains Capricorn Electric has been the Electrical Contractor of choice for Pennsylvanians.

Do you provide emergency electrical repair services in Berks County?

We are available around the clock, 7 days a week,  365 days a year for all of your electrical needs, including emergencies. If you need an electrician now, please call 1-800-863-6665