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Ceiling Fan Installation

The type of room determines how your fan will be installed. Even if you think there’s no connection for one, Capricorn Electric can help you. If there is an existing wiring connection, the project may seem straightforward. Even then, you should call our electrician in Pennsylvania to avoid safety issues and guarantee a successful installation.

We can help if there’s no fixture or connection. A ceiling fan electrical box requires special bracing that attaches directly to the ceiling joists. The typical fan weighs about 20 pounds. Our electricians can handle the entire project, from installing the ceiling fan mounting box to running electrical wiring needed to power the fan. We’ll check your room to determine the best fan size and type for your needs.


Ceiling Fan size recommendation:


The ceiling fan you have installed should be the right size for the room:


  • Room sizes of 75 sq. ft. or less should have 29-36 inch fan blades
  • Room sizes of 80-150 sq. ft. should have 36-42 inch fan blades
  • Rooms sizes of 151-225 sq. ft. should have 42-inch fan blades
  • Rooms sizes of 226-400 sq. ft. should have 50-52 inch fan blades

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Frequent Questions

What do emergency electricians do?

An emergency electrician is an electrician who will come out at short notice with no prior appointment to fix an electrical problem that has just occurred.

What do electrical repairs do?

Electrical repairs involve a wide variety of services, ranging from major installation, or rewiring your home, to changing out a broken light switch or receptacle. It is often a difficult task to diagnose a particular electrical issue at home without the help of a trained professional.

What is the first thing to do in an electrical emergency?

Unplug the appliance and turn the power off at the premise’s main power switchboard to avoid any further damage. If there’s a burning smell, smoke, or fire, call 9-1-1 or your local emergency services.

Can a handyman do electrical work?

Remember handymen who aren’t qualified electricians can do basic electrical work but can’t do work that requires certification. It’s highly recommended that if you require certificated work to be carried out that you hire a qualified electrician.