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Light switches are a mechanism that interrupts the flow of electricity to specific fixtures when turned off. Like all devices, light switches can fail after extensive use. At Capricorn Electric, we understand troubleshooting and electrical wiring. We can diagnose your light switch problems and correct them quickly at a fair price.

Allow our Pennsylvania light switch and outlet electricians help you with any issues in your home, including:


  • Light switches that are not wired to anything
  • Installing a new light switch
  • Replacing a light switch
  • Adding a dimmer to your light switch
  • Upgrading your light switches to accommodate new home technologies
  • Faulty light switches in your home
  • Light switches that are warm to the touch
  • Light switches that may have loose connections
  • Outlet Installation & Repair



Worn out Receptacles – If the plug doesn’t stay in the outlet it needs to be replaced.

Loose Wiring – Loose wiring connecting the outlet can cause electrical arcing and cause a fire.

Tripped Circuit Breaker – An outlet that trips a circuit breaker is worn out and needs to be replaced right away.



Switch Doesn’t Operate – This could mean the switch is worn out or a wire has broken free.

Buzzing – This is a serious condition that indicates overheating and possible fire hazard.

Floppy Switch – If the switch doesn’t stay in the on or off position it needs to be replaced.


USB and GFCI Outlet Installation


Even if you’re not experiencing any of the problems above, maybe it’s just time for an update. Many devices today, like phones and tablets, use a USB charging port. USB wall outlet installation is a popular update, adding value to your home and ease to your life. Instead of keeping track of the USB block your phone has to have to plug into the wall, you can plug directly into the outlet.


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If your Pennsylvania home needs regular outlets, GFCI outlets, or outdoor waterproof outlets, turn to our certified electricians at Capricorn Electric for help. We’re a trusted name in Pennsylvania for all your electrical needs.

Call us today at Capricorn Electric or request service online to schedule your appointment.


Frequent Questions

What do emergency electricians do?

An emergency electrician is an electrician who will come out at short notice with no prior appointment to fix an electrical problem that has just occurred.

What do electrical repairs do?

Electrical repairs involve a wide variety of services, ranging from major installation, or rewiring your home, to changing out a broken light switch or receptacle. It is often a difficult task to diagnose a particular electrical issue at home without the help of a trained professional.

What is the first thing to do in an electrical emergency?

Unplug the appliance and turn the power off at the premise’s main power switchboard to avoid any further damage. If there’s a burning smell, smoke, or fire, call 9-1-1 or your local emergency services.

Can a handyman do electrical work?

Remember handymen who aren’t qualified electricians can do basic electrical work but can’t do work that requires certification. It’s highly recommended that if you require certificated work to be carried out that you hire a qualified electrician.